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December, 2008
from Gary Hedden, co-owner and audio engineer

The Trail Riding Edition is now in its third revision. I've added some new recordings: skate boards, several Coyote pack incidents, and a new freight train. In fact, the newest revision includes the Train track (song) as a direct result of customer feedback. The disc is now just 2 seconds short of the maximum allowable length for a CD, at 77:58 total for the 45 tracks.

Also of interest: we have just put Trail Riding up on several download sites. If you are computer-savy and want only a couple of the "sounds", they are available for purchase at CD Baby, and others soon.

Thursday June 9, 2005
from Gary Hedden, co-owner and audio engineer

The Spook Less recording and production technique, and training method, are now Patented. We've spent nearly two years producing the CDs. The process included extensive beta testing with a variety of breeds, young and old, and disciplines, with well-respected professional trainers providing the feedback. As you can read from the testimonials below, purchasing our product is way ahead of trying to do this yourself! As you listen to the individual tracks, you might not understand why a particular sound was included in a specific location. Be assured that we've "tuned" each of these tracks to have maximum effectiveness.

My greatest challenge was trying to create the discipline-specific audio "scenes" which are composed of sounds from all over the country, fashioned into an intense training session which straddles my artificial reality with startling shockers. They are truly amazing to experience.


In cooperation with the
Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association
we've produced a totally new disc. It will be invaluable to those who participate in re-enactment events and other activities utilizing firearms with horses. Available NOW!